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Loose Leaf Teas

So many varieties including Green, White, Black, Korean, Mate, Matcha, Fruit, Herbal and more! Take a look at our most popular teas!

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Café & Lounge

Enjoy loose leaf tea, bubble tea, delicious coffees and sweet treats, with free wifi!

Yummy Bubble Teas

Choose from over 10 delicious flavours including chocolate, honeydew, pumpkin, strawberry, red bean and more!

TEA+ Toronto’s Top Specialty Tea Shop

Come into TEA+ and choose from twelve different categories of teas from all over the world, with many of flavors and uses. Whether you like yummy fruit teas, the health benefits of green teas and herbal teas, or you’re just exploring new flavours, we have over 100 different kinds of tea for you to try! 

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Check out some of our most popular choices:


A full flavored tea with superb and well-defined blueberry highlights… Learn More


Abundantly Earl Grey! Sultry bergamot is softened by fresh notes of… Learn More


Super taste tending lightly fruit sweet with a classic floral oolong… Learn More

What Else is Brewing at TEA+

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Our Delicious Fruit Teas

Check out our delicious fruit tea flavours and order yours now!

Boutique Café @ TEA+

Come in for fresh coffee and a taste of delicious cakes & treats including decadent cheesecake!

What People Are Saying About TEA+

Stephanie Lee (local guide)

This is a really cute tea shop. They serve cheesecake, little snacks, and loose leaf tea. They also sell loose leaf tea and have a variety of adorable teapots and cups for sale. A great place for an evening snack!

Isabel Urrutia

Great place to work. Owner is friendly and always offers to refill my teas with hot water. Good work space around the windows and at the large table. It’s a miracle it’s not busier. Cute select of quirky socks too. Tldr I go here to work and buy socks.

Gary T (local guide) 

Delicious tea and friendly staff makes this place a must visit for tea lovers who are in Corso Italia. This place also sells coffee, snacks, tea paraphernalia, greeting cards, jewellery, bar soap, socks, and a few other assorted houseware items. These non-tea items are of surprisingly good quality. The bar soap is the fancy Italian stuff they sell at some of those trendy men’s toiletries stores and the socks are Korean made and very soft and comfy. If you’re there for the tea I highly recommend any of the Jasmine green teas or the creamy Earl Greys.

Victor Veitch 

Very laid back atmosphere; bright and spacious. There’s a big table to work at if you’d like to. The coffee is very good. There’s also free wifi with a good connection.

Steve Lee (local guide) 

Excellent atmosphere. Quiet, calm, cozy. Chairs are laid out to be conversation-friendly. Beautiful decor. Fine tea selection.

Steve Lee (local guide) 

Excellent atmosphere. Quiet, calm, cozy. Chairs are laid out to be conversation-friendly. Beautiful decor. Fine tea selection.

Nellie (local guide) 

Excellent tea with huge selection, friendly owner and comfortable seating area.

Erin Marshall 

The owner is a lovely lady with great service, products and very high quality tea. By far the best place to buy tea and accessories.

Michael Brennan 

Great place to relax and have some really good tea, will go back again!

Jeimmi Carrasco 

I just love this place!

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Tea Boutique and Café
1211 St. Clair Avenue West
Toronto ON Canada M6E 1B5


1211 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6E 1B5, Canada